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More honor points answers from Drysc

Mike Schramm

Players still have questions about how honor is calculated (both in the estimated screen and at the end of the day), so Drysc answered question after question on the forums today.

  • Because of a previous CM post, players believed this to be true, but it isn't: The recent "honor nerf" is not calculated at the end of the day; it's already counted every time you drop someone. The honor you gain has already been dropped to its appropriate amount-- there are no other specific reductions that your honor should suffer when it's calculated late at night.
  • However, as stated the other day, you may still see your honor a little bit lower from the estimated honor shown on your honor page. The reason for this is because of dimishing returns-- if you kill a player more than 10 times, the honor you earn from them starts to lower in value. The server can't calculate that in real-time, however, so estimated honor is appearing a little higher than actual honor.
  • Bonus honor is now appearing in daily estimated totals.
  • For you math majors, honor can be awarded in fractions-- it is possible, due to bonus honor most likely, to earn .3 or .7 honor points-- those add up and are rounded at the end of the day.
  • And finally, even though the rank titles still show up with every kill (e.c. "HK: Blood Guard" or "HK: Grand Marshal"), Drysc says they have absolutely no bearing (that he knows of) on earning honor.
So I'd like to know: why are they still around? Don't get me wrong-- I love murdering a Night Elf and having a nice big yellow crit-looking thing pop up on my screen-- feeds the sense of accomplishment and all that. But why are they still doing that if ranks no longer matter? For all the questions Drysc answered, he still left some untouched.

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