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Phoenix Wright's fifteen minutes of Flash fame

Kyle Orland

Remember a few years ago when the "All Your Base" phenomenon briefly transformed retro gaming into an ironic obsession that all the hipsters wanted a piece of? Well now a newer game seems to be getting the Internet flash overexposure treatment, and the hipsters are on standby.

The "Phoenix Wrong" phenomenon actually started in July, when Newgrounds member AshfordPride posted the first in a hilarious four-part series of Flash videos featuring Phoenix Wright characters performing widely known pop culture quotes (trust us, it's funnier than it sounds). The phenomenon has only really taken off in the past few months, with copycats making dozens of "Phoenix Wrong" tribute animations of varying quality. The lot of them have been collected on an "official" web site complete with comics, fanart and even a tutorial (PDF) on how to make your own.

Whether or not this fad continues to grow or goes the way of other passing memes is largely up to you, the internet. We trust you will choose wisely.

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