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Visto scores $7.7 million in phone patent ruling, not stopping yet


And so it continues. We've never been the greatest fans of Visto and its money-grabbing patent lawsuit methods, be it's hard to argue with results. The last time we hear from Visto, it was busy suing RIM, Microsoft and Good Technology, having just won a spankin' $3.6 million from victim defendant Seven Networks. Well it looks like the worst wasn't over for Seven, since the judge in that case just doubled the price for accumulated interest, and then piled on Visto's legal fees for a grand total of $7.7 million. Brian Bogosian, CEO of Visto, says the decision "heralds a victory for true innovation and for lawful invention, whether it is conceived by a large corporation or by a passionate few toiling in the dim lights of a garage." At least with that kind of cash they can finally afford to furnish the garage with that rad shag carpet and foosball table they've been eyeing, so bully for them.

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