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Wii classic controller hack, now with more classic

Omar McFarlane

It's hard to deny the nostalgia we get from having a cord dangle off our next-gen controllers while reminiscing about our Gradius days. However, some Wii gamers are wishing Nintendo's classic controller was a bit less Dreamcast-inspired, and a bit more NES-like in terms of cord placement. Rather than just moaning about it though, the resourceful folks at NintendoGal have a simple hack involving nothing more than a dremel saw and a triwing screwdriver to make your controller more 1984. Personally, we would like to see a hack to make it wireless like its motion-sensor enabled brother, but we all know that doesn't free it from having cord issues. Take note, though: Nintendo won't be sending out any replacements if you hurt yourself with this mod.

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