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Japanese hardware sales, 11 Dec - 17 Dec: ARG edition [update 2]

Jason Wishnov

Update 2: Congratulations to Kurifurisan, Mr. Scolex, Oro, and Jennifer for successfully completing the ARG! The clues are explained below.

Clue 1: As you can see below, the word Wii and the numbers 10 and 29 are highlighted in bold. This obviously refers to the Wii Fanboy blog in particular, on the date October 29th. Only one article was published on this date: Toys R' Us nonsense.

Clue 2: In this post, we can immediately see that the post picture has been altered. It features four DS games: Spyro: A New Beginning, Contact, and Nintendogs (presumably the newer Dalmatian Edition). These games were all released on the same week, and thus, should have led you to the DS Fanboy post DS Releases for the Week of October 16th.

Clue 3: This post had an extra final line added: "4 leaves take 5 4 good, 6 feet under. A shame, really." Silly numbers games aside, the death and departure of four leaves refers to the untimely dissolution of Clover Studios, makers of such fine games as Viewtiful Joe and Okami. This should have referred you to the final destination post, Clover Studios Goes Six Feet Under on Nintendo Wii Fanboy. If you found the cross-linked post on DS Fanboy, there was a message saying you had the wrong blog.

We hope you enjoyed the game, and if you failed to complete it, you'll have some chances next year to prove your mettle. If you gain any, that is. Hah!

For the uninformed, ARG stands for "Alternate Reality Gaming". That's really just a silly hype-word, we think, but here we go. Your task: follow the sequence of clues to various past posts in both Nintendo Wii Fanboy and DS Fanboy. Should you manage to defeat our ingenious riddles, post a comment on the final post to declare your victory to the world. Heck, we'll even go back and give you a star for doing it, too ... the feature is temporarily out of service, but our tech guys should have it back up and running soon.

Below are the sales figures for this week, and contained therein, the first clue.

- DS Lite: 319,708 10,078 (3.25%)
- Wii: 108,237 22,798 (26.68%)
- PS3: 70,942 20,771 (41.40%)
- PSP: 48,962 20,032 (69.24%)
- PS2: 37,730 7,270 (23.87%)
- Xbox 360: 17,168 18,175 (51.42%)
- GBA SP: 1,867 29 (1.53%)
- Game Boy Micro: 1,491 64 (4.12%)
- Gamecube: 1,152 583 (102.46%)
- DS Phat: 158 9 (5.39%)
- GBA: 42 25 (147.06%)
- Xbox: 3 3 (50.00%)

[Source: Media Create]

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