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PC World adds another log to PS3 hate fire


Following in the footsteps of Time, New York Times, Washington Post and a string of other publications, PC World places another log on the hate fire calling the PS3 a "tech screw-up" of 2006. Saying the PS3 was supposed to be the greatest thing to home gaming since a hedgehog named Sonic, which we can only guess was a passive-aggressive dig at that series as well, PC World says the PS3 arrived too late and the Wii stole its thunder.

The parting shots by PC World were that it was a mistake to turn a supercomputer into a gaming system and that Sony failed to "drive a stake through the heart of Nintendo when the opportunity offered." Hopefully Sony and the PS3 correct themselves in 2007, 'cause seriously, 2006 was a never-ending pit of bad press for Sony.

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