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Wii browser hands-on

Ryan Block, @ryan

So, as we well know, Nintendo finally released their internet channel (i.e. the Opera browser). We sat down for a bit to play with the thing, same as we did with the PS3 browser (say Microsoft, what, no Xbox browser? Make it Firefox-based, hm?), and gave it the once over. Now, granted, this is supposed to be a beta release, so we're expected to forgive them for the problems we encountered:

The good: Renders Ajaxy pages pretty well for the most part; fast as all get out; super easy to use; clicking with Wiimote is easier than we thought.
The bad: No "throbber," although there is a slightly delayed progress bar; most buttons don't do anything; scrolling with cursor position and B-button a little weird; no options; cursor got lost on us a couple times.
The ugly: Big black border around the browsing area that does nothing; no instant address bar access (you have to go all the way home); still no keyboard or mouse support.

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