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Xbox 360 used as rehab device for Marine


After being on the receiving end of a "head shot" in Iraq, Lance Cpl. John McClellan uses his Xbox 360 as a rehabilitation device to regain movement in his left hand. The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that the 20-year-old Marine originally was playing Cabela's African Safari because Gears of War was "moving too fast," but now he's coordinated enough to try games that push him.

McClellan suffered damage to the part of the brain that controls movement in his left hand and leg. It looks like he's getting the hand part down. May we recommend some Dance Dance Revolution for the legs? It keeps you fit and trains coordination in the legs. For four hours a day M-F he does "standard" rehab at a hospital and comes home to do another four hours of non-traditional gaming rehab. The hospital originally gave him a squeeze ball for his home time. Although the Xbox 360 was used in this circumstance, obviously other systems would be just, if not more, effective. Rehab + fun = Not thinking you're doing rehab.

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