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Xbox 360 warranty extended, repairs refunded

Microsoft is extending the Xbox 360's manufacturer's warranty in North America from a puny (and competitively unimpressive) 90-days to the more reasonable (and competitive) one year. What spurred this holiday generosity? Perhaps it was Sony and Nintendo's one year warranties (don't forget to register to get a free 90-day bonus from Ninty)? Or perhaps old man Gates was visited by three ghosts in the night?

Regardless, they're making right by their customers who've already had their console repaired by making the offer retroactive. That's right 'stiqers! If you've forked over $140 to Microsoft to fix your 91-day-old 360 you're entitled to a refund. The best part, you don't have to request a rebate, Microsoft will mail a check out (presumably to the address they mailed your 360 to) in about 10 weeks. Anyone (besides Alexander) expecting a $140 Christmas present from Uncle Bill?

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