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Developers have to "wise up" and avoid 3D


Chris Buffa from GameDaily XL has a truly opinionated piece on the PSP. He blames developers that "shoehorn games onto this sucker that don't belong." Examples include Brothers in Arms: D-Day. No... he meant all FPS games on the handheld. Heck, he somewhat insinuates that all 3D games are flawed on Sony's portable:

"Most 3D games play like garbage on Nintendo's hand held. At the same time, most of its games work because developers play to all of the system's strengths, rather than ignore its weaknesses. Konami, for example, would probably attempt a 3D Castlevania on the PSP as opposed to a 2D one, simply because of the system as well as Sony's love for all things 3D. Same with Metal Gear. Portable Ops has control issues. Why not create a 2D game, or a top down game, ala the Game Boy Color Metal Gear? Go retro. People would still purchase it."

But wouldn't taking advantage of the PSP's strength involve taking advantage of 3D gaming? Certainly, the PSP is a far more powerful machine than the DS. Games like Daxter prove that the PSP can work quite well in the 3D environment. Games like Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins showcase how 3D graphics can make 2D games look especially beautiful. Maybe if developers focused on more refined controls, and shorter load times, the complaints of so many would dissipate rather quickly.

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