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Even more stuff to download from the PS-Store

Nick Doerr

Is PS-Store too difficult to say? Sound like a greeting card company, just a little bit? It's easier to type than PlayStation Store, so it's sticking here. Join the bandwagon if you'd like, just make sure you can play an instrument in a moving vehicle. What are we talking about? Oh, stuff to download. As some of you may know by now, if you've surfed the PS-Store in the last day or so, another classic PlayStation title has popped up for your PSP-enjoyment. That title is MediEvil, which is a lot of fun for sure, but it's still just one measly game. More, please! Also, we can't remember for the life of us, but was that Resistance demo always there? If not, that's new.

Here's a little tip if you want to download some other stuff not available in the American stores. Make a new account and say you're in Hong Kong. Bam! New stuff in the PS-Store, but it's in english! There's a lot of GTHD video clips, a demo for Ridge Racer 7, and the Japanese PSP titles we've loved so much more than our own. Enjoy that.

[thanks, Colin!]

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