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Hacha's R280 DAP holds 8GB of flash with style


You know, China ain't just about cheap knockoffs of visible brands. There's a good bit of innovation going on over there, especially in the DAP space, with players like Meizu almost beating Apple at its own game, and now Hacha doing a bit of a iriver thing with its new R280 player, but doing it quite well. Developed in conjunction with the world's largest NOR Flash provider, Spansion, the R280 boasts 8GB of flash memory, miniSD expansion and a 2.83-inch QVGA screen. Under the hood there's a 240Mhz ARM processor, which has DSP and Java acceleration built in, and 16MB of SRAM, expandable to 128MB, giving the player enough juice to run Adobe Flash and Java apps with future firmware upgrades. Plus, with 30 hours of battery during audio playback and 5 hours for video, the 0.4-inch thick player doesn't do bad for itself at all in that department. It sounds like Hacha's "Just Myself!" tag line is quite the compliment. No word on price or availability, though we should see it in China before it the end of the year -- now we've just gotta figure out how to sneak one into the States.

[Via The MP3 Players]

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