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Sony Ericsson W42S to become W880 for T-Mobile?

Chris Ziegler

Despite an unusually heavy flow of scoops recently, Sony Ericsson may yet (involuntarily) have at least one more rumor / surprise up its sleeves before the year's out. Remember that hot lil' W42S announced for KDDI's au network earlier this year? You know, the one with the trick knurled metal navigation knob on its bottom? Well, MobilMania noticed that the phone has popped up recently on T-Mobile's Czech site, bearing the "W880" label. No phone bearing a W880 designation has been officially announced by Sony Ericsson, meaning T-Mobile appears to have let the cat out of the bag just a little early (thanks, folks!). For the record, KDDI au is a CDMA network, meaning that the W880 would've had to undergo a metamorphosis into a GSM piece; but hey, as long as it's quad-band, we're just fine with that.

[Via GSMArena, thanks Maximus]

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