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2.80 downgrading made easy


There's always someone out there that updated their PSP, only to regret it moments later. Well, for those of you that have been patient enough not to upgrade past 2.80, an "easy" way of downgrading to homebrew-compatible 1.50 has been released. This guide from PSP Vault will help you every step of the way, but they warn:

-If you have a TA-082 motherboard in your PSP, no [sic] not even attempt to downgrade.
-If you are clueless and don't feel that you can follow this guide step-by-step, do not attempt to downgrade.
-If you have a fear of bricking your PSP and are nervous, I will say this guide has been used several times over, but perhaps you should wait for some sort of "safe downgrader".

If the scary red text doesn't change your mind about downgrading, then you're ready to go! First, you'll have to download eLoader and xLoader, PatchSFO and finally the downgrader program. Make sure you have a USB cable ready to connect your PSP to your PC. You'll run the downgrader, but watch out for the next few steps, indicated in the guide. You don't want to brick your system, do you? With 3.02 firmware emulation entirely possible, it appears that a whole new slew of people can now be introduced to homebrew.

[Thanks, Joel!]

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