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PlayStation 3 charity auction over today!

Ryan Block, @ryan

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This is people, the moment of truth! We're auctioning a PS3 for charity, and that auction is over this afternoon -- in about three and a half hours by our watch. Meaning, of course, you've still got a bit of time left to place your bids. Once again, big thanks to our old pals at BoxWave. Here's what you need to know.
  • Real bids only people, this is for charity!
  • Five day auction, no reserve. Where else are you gonna snag a PS3 on Christmas eve?
  • Payment will go directly to Save Darfur, and will be expected to be made within two days of the auction's close.
  • Since most shippers are closed on Christmas eve and Christmas day, we cannot guarantee overnight shipment to you for Christmas day. But you'll have secured the PS3, and we'll overnight it to you immediately thereafter. Hell, we'll even pay shipping.
As per some legal counsel, the not-so-fine print has changed. This unit is not 100% deductible -- it is only deductible less the $500 cost of the unit. Sorry, that's what Johnny Law says, and to him we abide. So if the PS3 sells for $2,000, you get to deduct $1,500. Still, not bad! Plus 100% of the proceeds still go to Save Darfur, so, what do you say? Let the bidding begin!

P.S. -To those who bid but don't win -- don't let that stop you from donating to the charity of your choice this holiday season.


Update: The auction is closed! Unfortunately, the scumbag who won the auction backed out in just about the most illegible way possible:

"i am very sorry my cousin bided on this item to get his own back at me bidding over £500 on an item on ebay so i left my computer on so he bided to get his own back. i do so very apologize for what has happened i do not want the PS3 please let the other bidder have it. Dinesh"

We traded emails -- he's refusing to pay. Why don't we all tell Dinesh Dave what we think about people who place fake bids on charity auctions? ( For the record, we've contacted the top 3 bidders to see if they want to make good on their bids.

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