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Use a universal remote with PS3

Zack Stern

Universal remote fans -- after trying a Logitech Harmony remote, we can't go back to one-remote-per-device -- will run into trouble on the PS3; its standard remote works over Bluetooth, not IR. So the PS3 remote gains the ability to work in other rooms, but it loses the universal appeal of IR blasting. Remote Central documents the process of adding an old PS2 IR receiver so that you can use that PS2 remote -- or a universal model -- with the PS3.

The steps seems simple enough; all it takes is the PS2 IR receiver dongle and the PS2-to-PS3 gamepad adapter. The translation loses some of the functionality of the PS2 remote -- 14 common commands work, but 35 don't -- but it may be enough to watch Blue-ray movies with a universal remote.

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[Via Engadget]

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