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AddOn Spotlight: ClearFont

Eliah Hecht

Being a big fan of typography, ClearFont is one of the first addons I reach for on a fresh install of WoW. All it does is replace the in-game fonts with your choice of several beautiful, readable ones. Some people don't have a problem with Blizzard's choice of fonts, or simply don't care about fonts at all, but for those of us who do, ClearFont is a godsend. Thank you, Kirkburn!

It has an official site, which is very nice when Curse and are down. Its installation is a smidge more complicated than most addons, but not by any means hard. If you're using Windows, just unzip into your WoW folder; it'll place files in your AddOns folder and your Fonts folder (not present in default installs). If you're on a Mac, unzip, go into the expanded files and:

  1. Put the Interface/AddOns/ClearFont folder in your AddOns folder, like you would any other mod.
  2. Put the Fonts folder in your World of Warcraft folder.

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