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History (and logic) suggest it obviously ain't over for the PS3

Blake Snow

It's hard not to get caught up in the doom and gloom of Sony's status quo. You know, the one where the PS3 can't catch a break and is rumored to be experiencing waning demand despite a short supply. Enter one level-headed writer over at Amped News who gives the company and console the benefit of the doubt based on recent history and some much-needed logic.

Author Anthony Perez in an article entitled "Hasty Conclusions: The Fate of the PS3 and Wii" profiles early PSP and GameCube buzz to what would eventually become lackluster systems for most gamers, and a poor PS2 launch that would later become the beginning of the most widely purchased home console to date. So keep hope alive despite the PS3's controversial launch.

Perez also reminds us that enthusiasts like you and I are merely a minority in mass gaming culture, you know the one where Madden consistently is the top selling game in the US contrary to what is covered in the press. From the article: "Sony still has the definitive brand in gaming and to the average mainstream consumer that's all that really matters." So what's the doom and gloom conversation really focused on: The fact that Sony may have blown its 70% PS2 market share, or the long-shot of a chance that the PS3 may have seriously jeopardized the company's gaming business? There I go getting all hasty again...

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