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Photo: Seven PS3s NOT being sold

Blake Snow

A unconfirmed photo of seven neatly stacked PS3s allegedly NOT being sold at Best Buy made the front page of Digg yesterday. Yes, so did some guy's nasty case of toe fungus, but the point is that whether justified or not, Sony is still having a difficult time doing anything right in the eyes of consumers, or at least the online crowd it would seem.

You've probably heard by now: Hearsay and outspoken reports suggest that the PS3 is no longer selling out despite its unusually low supply. Maybe, maybe not. We'll have to wait until some official numbers roll in and/or supply increases before determining if, in fact, Sony has a legitimate flaw in their business plan. But until then, what do you feel is the biggest reason for the PlayStation's 3 ongoing funk-o-thon? High price? No must-have games? Brand revolt?

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