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PS2 to outsell newer consoles through next year?

Blake Snow

Not all news is bleak for Sony, well, at lest for its former console the PS2. Many analysts and industry execs predict that the trusty, all-time sales leading PS2 will likely outsell the PS3, 360, and Wii in 2007, and maybe even into 2008. Business Week has the scoop: "Despite all the hype surrounding the PS3, its predecessor is likely to outsell it for two more years ... The PS2 probably has the capacity to sell more than any other gaming console."

I personally saw shoppers buy up PS2s and Guitar Hero like nobody's business during the holidays. Good times are to be had by all on the console for a while longer. Can you hear that? ... It's the sound of a worthy cow being milked.

[Thanks, FSK405K]

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