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Rumor: Best Buy is sitting on your New Year PS3


According to unofficial Best Buy sources, stores are sitting on their PS3 shipments since 12/21 for a flyer advertisement being released New Year's Eve (12/31) stating they have a minimum of 25 60GB units per store. Our sources have the number at around 40 per store currently -- but it can be more in some locations. One source, using Best Buy's Retek Store System (RSS), says some stores have 60 units. We will continue to follow this story as more information comes in.

The Best Buy source who sent us the internal memo -- originally sent 12/18 and a portion of which you see above -- does apologize for the grammar in the email received from his Retail Supply Chain Manager regarding this New Year's Eve PS3 sale. We'd remove the "rumor" tag from this post if the grammar of our email evidence didn't send up red flags. If the information does pan out we are happy for those getting a PS3 on New Year's Eve and we shake our heads at the atrocious use of the English language by this Best Buy manager. We say again that this is still a rumor, but might help explain why those eight PS3s are just sitting in a Best Buy cage instead of being sold.

[Thanks Anonymous and all others]

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