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Lotus Notes 7.02 brings full Mac support

Scott McNulty

We first blogged about Lotus Note's Mac support in January of this year, and now it would seem IBM has fully delivered on the promise. As eWEEK reports Lotus Notes 7.02 offers full OS X support (10.4.2 or higher is required) and it is Universal so both PPC Macs and Intel Macs can share in the love. As you can see from the screenshot above Lotus Note's UI still looks like IBM software, but it looks like that on Windows, Linux, and OS X which is important. Not only is the client supported on the Mac, but Lotus Notes Web Access now works on the Mac as well, which I am sure is good news for people who use Macs at home.

Check out IBM's website for more details and screenshots of Lotus Notes running on Tiger.

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