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Crysis crisis averted: heading to Xbox 360? [update 1]

Kevin Kelly

Update -- Joystiq (translation: this writer) got punked by the Spanish and the Day of the Innocents. Thanks to all the commenters who chimed in to let us know that this was indeed an April's Fools type hoax, and that it's not to be believed. Aye, dios mio!

First Crytek said that their first upcoming graphical overload game Crysis couldn't be ported to the Xbox 360 or the PlayStation 3. Then they switched gears and said, "Oops ... looks like we were wrong." Now we have some evidence that confirms it'll be coming to the 360 sooner than you think.

Granted, the proof is translated from, but if the Google translator is to be believed, then it looks like Crysis will be hitting Microsoft's bad boy at some point. The article doesn't say when, but it's tantalizing enough to make us drool. Crysis is visually amazing, and 360 owners would be happy to see it on their screens. Hopefully we'll have official word from Electronic Arts soon, although they're probably getting ready to ring in the New Year with millions of microtransactions.

[Thanks, MECHAN1ZED and Janx]

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