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Lieberman takes video game industry money


The nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics found that Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman took $73,000 from a "variety of industry sources" over the past two years.

Is $73K a pitiful amount in Lieberman's multi-million dollar warchest? It sure is. One contribution was from Linda McMahon, CEO of Stamford, Conn. based WWE Entertainment, who gave $2000 saying, "I make contributions to a variety of candidates whom I respect."

For the most part, the story from the Hartford Courant doesn't really go anywhere. The headline in the Courant says, "Lieberman defends video-game money," but the article has nothing to do with video game money. It was a very deceptive headline, one out of irony we were glad to employ. The article doesn't give any examples beyond WWE -- which most would argue isn't really a video game company -- of video game related companies that contributed to Lieberman's campaign. The article just paints Lieberman as a career politician taking money in a continual quest for more power from wherever he can get it .

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