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Stridekick disposable pedometer tells you when to chuck those kicks


Just because you replace your running shoes every time they go all Scruffy McScruffington on you doesn't mean you're necessarily doing your feet a service. Podiatrists, running experts and overprotective moms the world over agree that you should replace your running shoes at around 350-500 miles, which is a good bit before most shoes start showing visible wear. To the rescue is Stridekick, a disposable pedometer designed to be attached to your laces -- a la Nike+iPod -- which tracks the mileage you've put on your shoes on a small display so you know when to throw them out. The device was developed and patented by a pair of Babson College MBA students, who have received an $11,500 grant to develop their idea. Apparently they're already in discussions with running shoe manufacturers, so it might not be too terribly long until you'll start getting nagged by yet another teensy sensor that thinks it's smarter than you.

[Via The Raw Feed, image via The Final Sprint]

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