Chestnut Hill Sound set to launch "George" iPod sound system

It may not extend its reach into as many rooms as someiPod sound systems, but Chestnut Hill Sound's upcoming "George" unit looks to at least one up Apple's own Hi-Fi in the functionality (and price) department. Set to come in at a cool $550 next month, George will handle both iPod playback and AM/FM radio duties, each controllable though the detachable wireless remote, which has its own LCD display and range of controls (check it out up close after the break). What's more, the system uses the ZigBee wireless protocol (good for up to 25 feet), which would seem to open up some home automation possibilities, although Chestnut Hill only goes so far as to hint at it, mentioning that George "improves and expands to fit your life." Maybe they'll be willing to spill a few more details when George makes its official debut later this month at CES.

[Via Crave]