Inventor crafts GPS-equipped shoes, includes a panic button

We've seen some fairly interesting means of keeping track of your mischievous kids (or pets), but Sayo Isaac Daniel's latest invention takes top honors as the ultimate paranoid parent's must-have gizmo. Aside from the obvious tracking uses, Daniel's GPS footwear is actually intended to beam out a distress signal to a pre-selected recipient if the wearer hits a certain panic button. The GPS-equipped kicks would present the location of the violated victim to whoever is deemed that person's hero, and would hopefully give the rescuer enough time to arrive and lay down the law. Also, the patent explains an "alarm toe switch" that would be inserted within the shoe in order to give customers the ability to sound their alarm (intentionally or otherwise) without making any sudden movements. Reportedly, a company dubbed Quantum Satellite Technology plans to start selling the shoes "in March for around $350 per pair," but the GPS signal emanating from your soles won't do you much good if your kidnapper ditches your footwear before tossing you in the trunk.

[Via The Raw Feed]