Debunking a PSP myth: it has no good games

Anyone that has been around the Internet block or visited a game store lately may have heard someone claim the PSP has little to no good games on the platform. If you're anything like me, you like to wear your girlfriend's underwear and you also hate to hear bad words about the PSP. My personal PSP game collection is larger than my DS or Xbox 360 game libraries and after hearing about the lack of great games on the system so often, I began to wonder if perhaps I just had a terrible taste in games. While I can't prove that my gaming interests are worthwhile, I did dig up some info on the PSP library and whether or not there are many quality games on the system.

It isn't just gaming fans who dis the PSP, critics do as well. Keeping that in mind, I wondered how the PSP game library critically stacked up against its competitor; the oft praised DS. What I found may be surprising.

Data Collected from Metacritic

Amount of US released PSP games rated 80 and above: 38 (not counting Advent Children since it isn't a game)

Amount of US released DS games rated 80 and above: 28 (and 4 of those are versions of Nintendogs)

So it seems that these same critics that praise PSP games, must have a short-term memory when they bash the system's lack of quality titles. I'm in no way trying to put down the DS with the example listed above, just attempting to prove that the PSP isn't devoid of quality like an episode of War at Home. Hopefully fellow PSP fanboys can use the above proof to dissuade negative words about your system of choice. In any case, it should make you feel good about owning the system.