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iDropper - FTP made simple

David Chartier
David Chartier|January 3, 2007 3:00 PM
iDropper takes an interesting approach to file transfer software by allowing you to easily create cross-platform 'droplets' for drag-and-drop transfer to a server and directory you specify. These droplets can them be shared with friends, clients or anyone else across Mac OS X and Windows who needs to send you files but couldn't tell you what FTP stands for.

Three editions of iDropper are offered: iDropper Personal ($39) offers all the basic FTP and droplet functionality, while iDropper Professional ($125) allows businesses to brand their droplets and receive email notifications. iDropper Enterprise ($295) adds web page and web script notifications for the most serious of file transferring businesses.

A comparison chart of iDropper's features is listed here, and I should also point out that these prices are apparently introductory discounts. After January 31st, 2007 they will rise to their respectively regular prices of $49, $195 and $395. Trial downloads are offered here.