Tribulation Knights, a Christian stealth game

Ross Miller
R. Miller|01.03.07

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A new Christian-themed game is set to fill the void left behind by, well, Left Behind. Since that game ended up being a disappointment in the gameplay department, the upcoming Tribulation Knights might stand as a fun game that manages to tackle a serious topic.

Tribulation Knights is a a free-roaming, stealth-based title set in a post-Rapture world with flying cars. Your goal is to save rebel Christian citizens and lead them away from the clutches of an evil cult -- do we have to escort them, though? The game boasts nonviolence, as you are armed only with an all-in-one slingshot that can disable security systems. According to the official website, the game will sport the "largest environments ever seen in the Christian gaming world."

Sounds like Tribulation Knights, by merit of its focus, might fall into a rut with one of the most notorious design dilemmas: how do you make an escort mission fun?

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