Atlantic launches waterproof EGO floating speaker system for iPod

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.05.07

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Atlantic launches waterproof EGO floating speaker system for iPod
Considering your mind is probably more focused on that upcoming trip to the slopes than your thoroughly frozen outdoor pool, you probably aren't in any dire need of a floating iPod speaker system in the midst of January, but nevertheless, Atlantic's bringing it to you. Aside from always staying on the sunny side of whatever liquid it's in, the plastic shell also touts a pair of (presumably weak) stereo speakers and the ability to house your dock-connecting iPod. Reportedly, the device is waterproof enough to withstand pool parties and showers, and can supposedly operate for 30 hours on just four AA batteries. While the EGO has been floating around (ahem) briefly, the firm plans to officially launch it during next week's CES, but those eager to get their swim trunks on in the middle of winter can find one now for around $115.

[Via TGDaily]
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