Luxpro wins Apple copycat suit, proceeds to copy again by countersuing

The financialtroubles for Apple just don't seem to end. Luxpro – the Taiwanese manufacturer known for its MP3 player that closely resembled the iPod shuffle – has emerged victorious in the lawsuit filed by Apple, and is planning a countersuit for lost sales. Originally hitting the scene with a supposed publicity stunt called the Super Shuffle, Luxpro then returned with a slightly modified version called the Super Tangent. With little variation between the two, Apple called foul and had an injunction placed on the Taiwanese company, banning the manufacturing and sale of its MP3 player. Well, after more than a year rumbling in the courtroom, Luxpro has come out on top, with the Shihlin District court claiming the two devices were "significantly dissimilar." With one win in the bag, Luxpro plans to countersue Jobs and Co. to the tune of $100M for the sales it lost due to the injunction. While this victory may send ripples through the copycat market, we doubt it will stop Apple from sending out the hounds lawyers again on other companies in the future.

[Via iLounge, thanks Jose L.]