Apple's week gets worse as SEC filing reveals new lawsuits

Although the worst of Apple's recent stock option scandal may have passed, the company's friendly legal department won't be getting a rest anytime soon. In a Securities and Exchange Commission filing on Friday, the company revealed that it is facing several previously unseen lawsuits. The first case calls for unspecified damages related to Apple's proprietary DRM system, although it's not the first time Apple's use of Fairplay has landed it in lawyer infested waters. Next up, a plaintiff is seeking damages in relation to an alleged abnormally high rate of logic board failure in Apple's iBook G4 series -- despite our intimate knowledge of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, the skills we've learnt from this particular title don't allow us to explain to you why the plaintiff wasn't satisfied with the currently existing iBook Logic Board Replacement Program. Finally, a company called PhatRat Technology has filed a claim alleging that Apple's Nike-iPod product infringes their copyright. As daunting as this filing may seem -- especially in the context of its release only a couple of days before the most unproductive day of the year -- our archives show that this filing is just another page on the company's long record of battling withindividuals and corporations that have exerted their right to sue.