Sharp's new Aquos lineup

Ben Drawbaugh
B. Drawbaugh|01.07.07

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Ben Drawbaugh
January 7, 2007 11:02 PM
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Sharp's new Aquos lineup
Sharp lc-52d92u
At Sharp's press conference they announced plenty of new LCD TV's and they now have 4 lines of LCD TV's. At the top of the line (right behind the 108" LCD) is the new 8th Generation D92-Series. It is available in 42", 46" , 52" and 65" D93-Series which only varies in cosmetic design from the D92. It features 15,000:1 Dynamic Contrast ratio and 4ms response time and is 120hz. Of course it's, 1080p, and features 3 HDMI ports all of which support 1080p. There is RS-232C for the custom installers as well as removable speakers and stand.
  • LC-42D92U: 42-inch, $3,499.99 Available in April
  • LC-46D92U: 46-inch, $4,199.99 Available in January
  • LC-52D92U: 52-inch, $5,299.99 Available in January
  • LC-65D93U: 65-inch, $10,999.99 Available in March

Sharp LC-52d82uThe D82 is next which is also 120Hz and available in 46" and 52", has 10,000:1 Dynamic Contrast and 4ms response time. The main difference is the contrast, but it's still produced at Sharp's 8th Gen plant. The rest of the features are almost identical as the D92, with no mention of removable speakers or a base.
  • LC-46D82U: 46-inch, $3,699.99 Available in March
  • LC-52D82U: 52-inch, $4,799.99 Available in March
Sharp LC-52D43U
The D43-Series is the series for the rest of us, available in various sizes including 26", 32", 37", 42", 46" and 52". They have a Dynamic contrast ratio of 6000:1 and has a resolution of 1366x768.
  • LC-26D43U: 26-inch, $1,099.99 Available in February
  • LC-32D43U: 32-inch, $1,699.99 Available now
  • LC-37D43U: 37-inch, $1,399.99 Available now
  • LC-42D43U: 42-inch, $1,699.99 Available now
  • LC-46D43U: 46-inch, $2,699.99 Available in May
  • LC-52D43U: 52-inch, $3,999.99 Available in June
Sharp LC-37GP1U

Sharp also has a new line specifically for Gamers called the GP1U. This model features a special "game mode" for games with a remote that makes it easy to jump to that mode which enables Vyper Drive which reduces lag. The 32" has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and the 37" has 8500:1. They also include side terminals and sub outputs.

  • LC-32GP1U: 32-inch, $1,699.99 Available in March
  • LC-37GP1U: 37-inch, $1,999.99 Available in march

Sharp also announced that they would be adding network features to their TVs, but they haven't decided exactly what. They do plan to use PLC and possibly DLNA or Vivi. Interestingly there is no CableCARD support in any of these models.
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