Altec video screen kind of misses the point

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Erica Sadun
January 8th, 2007
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Altec video screen kind of misses the point

The video iPod is tiny. Tiny and more than a bit hard to watch. So when Altec introduces a "high resolution" LCD display to magnify the iPod video, I pay attention... until I find out that the $350 iMV712 screen is just 8.5 inches (one presumes diagonally) big and designed for nonportability.

That's a great sized screen for, say, airplane travel, but you can't carry a huge boom box like this onto a plane, let alone plug it in. For at-home or in-office playback you need to consider a much larger display. For on-the-go playback you want a much smaller form factor--one that doesn't need to be plugged in. Maybe they thought this would be a good bedside night-stand accessory? If so, it's a pretty darned big one with those integrated speakers.

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