AMD announces LIVE! Home Cinema, Home Media Server

AMD's hitting CES again with their LIVE! home media and entertainment platform, and this time they've got some more software and a bit of equipment to further back it up. In addition to new LIVE! apps (like LIVE! PodShow TV, MyTV ToGo, Fusion Tunes, MCE Backup, TV Genie, and Digital Courier), they've got product pipelines for LIVE! notebook PCs (i.e. LIVE! / Media Center laptops), LIVE! Home Media Server (those devices that are AMD-powered and run Windows Home Server, such as the new MediaSmart Server), and our fav, LIVE! Home Cinema, the Digital Cable Tuner (i.e. CableCARD) equipped Vista AMD HTPCs. We know, we know, more marketing BS to contend with, but that's the name of the game for some of these guys. Hardware to come shortly.

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