iriver and RealNetworks team up to launch two MP3 players with integrated Rhapsody

We got the skinny from the RealNetworks folks on some of their plans for continued hardware integration in pursuit of the celestial jukebox holy grail. They're going to be partnering with iriver on a couple of new audio players that will both integrate Rhapsody software -- one an update to the clix and one a Wi-Fi enabled MP3 player allowing users to both download and stream music from the Rhapsody catalogue over the air. The Wi-Fi player (pictured above) is apparently not going to be the W10, as RealNetworks sources tell us the new player is yet unnamed; it's going to come with a 3-inch touch-sensitive QVGA display with a flash-based UI, include support for VoIP and roll out in 2GB and 4GB capacities. The clix 2 (pic after the break) is going to update the clix with an improved screen and slimmer design and launch in 2GB and 4GB capacities. Both of the players will offer FM tuners, in-line and voice recording, photo and video playback, and 25+ hours of battery life. No word yet on price, but these players are expected to roll out in the US in Q1.