iriver set to launch W10, Clix2 and B20 at CES

The mythical, morphing iRiver W10 looks to be due for release next week at CES. But that's just the start, as they'll also be launching the Clix2 media player, B20 DMB TV, and possibly a few more devices resulting in a 12-strong product show for Reigncom's iriver. The W10 pictured above, looks a whole helluvalot like the "V10" PMP prototype we checked at CeBIT and nothing like the WiBro UMPC we heard about from iriver themselves. Still, appearances aside, it looks like this W10 is some sort of media player with built-in Navteq maps for the US. However, instead of GPS or even Bluetooth listed in the specs, it features WiFi, VoIP and an MP3 player. The Clix2 is a bit more straight shootin'. It shares the beveled edges of the "W10" but, as the name applies, is a followup to the much loved Clix. Not much is known other than it sports an AMOLED display and up to 6GB of memory. Also scheduled for release is the B20 followup to the tiny B10 DMB player which bumps the screen size a tad to 2.4-inches and adds an SD slot for photo viewing and apparently some PVR action. To be honest, we're not sure what to expect after this, but knowing iriver, it's going to be interesting. Besides, CES kicks off this weekend, what's a few more days of waiting after all these months? See a picture of the Clix2 after the break.