Pretec unveils "world's smallest" microSD reader: i-Disk Micro

Darren Murph
D. Murph|01.08.07

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Pretec unveils "world's smallest" microSD reader: i-Disk Micro
Hmm, looks like we've got a bit of a conflict here, as we've now got two companies claiming that its microSD reader is indeed the world's smallest. Of course, Pretec doesn't bother giving us the dimensions, so its crown will have to remain in pending for the time being, but the i-Disk Micro Reader is ridiculously small nonetheless, Capable of holding microSD cards from 32MB all the way up to 2GB in capacity, this bantam device comes in a transparent case to give users easy access to the size of the microSD card within, sports a curvaceous design to purportedly prevent scratches when carried around with your mobile, includes a nifty keychain attachment, and connects via USB 2.0. There's no mention of pricing nor availability, but just in case this whole "world's smallest" claim doesn't pan out for ole Pretec, at least they're also releasing a SDHC-friendly 20-in-1 flash card reader which it can boast about while eating its words.

[Via MobileWhack]
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