Westinghouse announces 2007 LCD HDTV lineup

Westinghouse is rolling out new HDTVs in all sizes and resolutions at CES, starting with its new line of 1080p LCDs, the TX series. The latest 1080p panels from the company, all with native 1080p input via all connectors and advanced calibration settings. The 42- and 47-inch will ship in May with MSRP of $1,999 and $2,499 respectively, while the 52-inch follows in May, price TBA. Next is the SK series, with 720p LCDs available in 32- and 42-inch models shipping in May for $899 and $1,599, in addition to a 26- and 32-inch pair with DVD players integrated into them. The DVD playing models will be available in April at $799 for the 26-inch and $999 for the 32. The company is also debuting three smaller HDTVs, with two 26-inch models designed to replace customer's existing CRTs that retail for $699 and a 19-inch for $449. Westinghouse is facing steep competition on price from competitors like Vizio now, we just hope they don't pull a Sony and start complaining about prices. The 56-inch quad HDTV will also be at the booth, we plan on counting each of the pixels to make sure its 8 megapixel-plus resoltion is authentic.

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