Sony whines over HDTV price drops, says it's "looking out for the industry"

What do you typically get when you mix hot demand and a generous supply of competitors willing to offload their surplus? Apparently you get a frustrated and whiny mega-corporation, at least based on a recent report about Sony's reaction to the recent decreases in LCD / plasma prices. While we all knew Black Friday was bringing deals to the HDTV market like never before seen, and we discovered that new sets were topping wish lists galore, is it really any surprise that LCD TV prices are dropping "between 25- and 30-percent this year?" According to Sony, those figures are about "7-percent more" than the firm anticipated, and considering the coinage it's losing on each PS3 sold (and subsequent fines), we're sure the company has plenty of reason to frown. Notably, Jay Vandenbree -- president of consumer sales for Sony Electronics -- stated that the firm would "stay competitive, but wouldn't do anything that damages the industry long term." He also added that Sony (being that big gorilla that it is) had a "responsibility" to not accelerate price declines. Although we're sure it's staying far, far away from getting itself into one of these price fixingpredicaments, we don't suspect there's a whole lot Sony can do to outgun the Vizios of the world this holiday season, and just like everything else, balance will eventually be restored.