Assassin's Creed nominated for Visual Effects Society awards

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Assassin's Creed nominated for Visual Effects Society awards
i'm kinda a big deal...Come February 11 Assassin's Creed could be taking home two Visual Effects Society awards, for 'Outstanding Real Time Visuals in a Video Game' and 'Outstanding Pre-Rendered Visuals in a Video Game', as the visual effects organization hosts its fifth annual awards ceremony at the Kodak Grand Ballroom in Hollywood, CA. A pair of impressive accolades would certainly look good on the retail box, but how can a game with an unconfirmed release date be considered for a real time visuals award next month?

We suppose nominating Assassin's Creed for pre-rendered kudos (based on the trailer?) is admissible (as long as the game doesn't win), but don't go heralding Ubisoft's title as a real time effects masterpiece when a playable demo isn't even publicly available. Why not consider Assassin's Creed for a VES award next year; and give credit to current games instead? As it stands, the PlayStation 3 version of Fight Night Round 3 is the only other title nominated in this year's 'Real Time Visuals' category.
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