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Microsoft's CES booth tour

Microsoft's CES booth tour
Conrad Quilty-Harper
Conrad Quilty-Harper|January 10, 2007 7:50 PM
Just like last year, we decided to take a quick saunter down the road to check out Microsoft's massive booth at CES. If Vegas was plastered with Vista adverts (and it was), then Microsoft's booth was plaster central: standing from the middle of the booth, you couldn't look anywhere without a dozen Vista logos being within eyeshot.

Microsoft @ CES 2007 booth tour

Microsoft does pseudo-hip marketing models as well as the best of them.

Apparently, "Internet Explorer 7 is all about 'exploring' the 'internet.'"

DreamScene: virtual waterfalls at their most CPU intensive.

The New York Times had a mini-booth within Microsoft's maxi-booth to demonstrate their Times Reader application.

Master Chiefs IRL.

Xbox gaming minus the Xbox (but plus a gaming PC worth several thousand dollars.)

Between a third and a half of Microsoft's booth was put over to demonstrating Office and other productivity applications.

So when did the mysterons start selling ad space?

Now we know what Microsoft does in its spare time.

Windows Vista: four screens not quite required.

Look, Windows Ultimate Extras!

Oh look, Windows Ultimate Extras aren't installed...

15 feet from the productivity section was this: the rock-out-on-Guitar Hero II section.

Has Windows lost its path?

Like a record (and last year), baby.