Peter Dille talks about the PS3, generally

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|01.10.07

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Peter Dille talks about the PS3, generally
After Peter Dille gave his presentation at the Consumer Electronics Show, Game Informer managed to squeeze an interview out of him. We'll make a list of what was covered, because those are always awesome. We know how the Doerrman stands with lists -- he's always open to them (get it? Like a door... come on, I had to think of that one for all of twenty seconds!).

  • The big announcement at CES for Mr. Dille was the official "1 million PS3's sold" -- not shipped, sold. You see, retailers have to buy the units, so to Sony, the units are sold. This is of course referring only to the US... Japan's numbers will be announced soon.
  • Some spin on the 10 million 360 numbers was mentioned, but since it's so blatantly competitive, we're not going to transcribe the spin. You can read it if you want to, but if you're not a Sony fanboy, you're likely to get agitated.
  • Sony is actively working on PlayStation Network updates (likely to be finished up before the European launch). These include: download speeds, background downloads (or multitasking) and other patches (maybe to start fixing those PS2 game jaggies... if that can be fixed).
  • As far as the bluetooth controller connection drops, Sony shrugs it off as an issue with all the different crap "proliferation of devices" you have on your desktop. Personally, I've nothing else (wireless, bluetooth or otherwise) around my PS3 and get perfect connections every time.
  • There will be a firmware upgrade making the downloadable titles currently playable only on the PSP able to be played on the PS3 -- that's very good.
  • Tekken is coming to the PS-Store for the US soon. We're told to "stay tuned" to the store.
  • About exclusive games, Dille says that soon third-party developers will want to "start at the highest system and work your way down" -- the reason many are multi-platform right now, he attests, is the 360 has been out for a year and most developers are familiar with the platform as a good starting point. Which is true. But, will this change? Or will all games begin development on the 360 and be "ported down" (he was implying this) to the PS3?

Whew! He certainly had a lot to say. Unless you really have an agenda against Sony, this guy really made it seem like he's excited about the PS3 and pretty much sold the excitement to you, too. Good stuff.
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