Sirius announces SiriusConnect SC-V1 Backseat TV

We knew live video was on the way from those Sirius satellite beamz0rs, but it's finally hitting for real: announcing Sirius Backseat TV and the SiriusConnect SC-V1 A/V Tuner. It sounds like those launch predictions were right on as well: the service goes live in Spring 2007. The $300 SiriusConnect setup includes the SC-V1 A/V tuner, a wired display control, wireless audio remote, wireless video remote, rear seat control, FM switching, and two mini antennas. It's a "multi-zone" unit, meaning you can listen to audio up front while the kids peep live TV cartoons in the back (hence that convenient Backseat TV moniker). You can control it all from the front, or let your kids choose their own poison with their own remote. Make sure you check out Orbitcast for pics galore of Sirius' souped up setup at CES.