Yamaha boasts world's most powerful USB speaker, the NX-U10

Barb Dybwad
B. Dybwad|01.10.07

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Question: what's the most common complaint about USB speakers? Answer: they suck. And why do they suck? They're woefully lacking in power because of the limitations of the USB port, which only outputs 5V/0.5A. Yamaha claims to have gotten around this hurdle by developing its flux capacitor "Charged Capacitor Amplifier" that, via the magic power of technology, throws out 10x the normal power to achieve 10W x 2. And to turn it up to 11, Yamaha added its SR-Bass technology to produce the "deepest bass ever" in proportion to its size. The speaker sports a stereo mini-jack and can also be battery-operated for those rare moments when you and your laptop need some "separate time." You'll be able to pick up the NX-U10 early this year for £149, or about $193 USD.
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