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MWSF Keynote in a nutshell

Erica Sadun
Erica Sadun|@ericasadun|January 11, 2007 6:30 PM

Macworld2007's keynote left a lot of things unsaid. Any of you expecting a Leopard ship date, 2007 iSoftware announcements, or even coverage of Adobe and Microsoft flagship products were left wanting. In fact, going back through my notes, the keynote basically came down to this:

9:15 The Intel transition.
9:20 Paramount movies and the new iTunes ads.
9:25 AppleTV announcement and demo. Ships February 2007.
9:40 The iPhone. Ships June 2007.
11:10 The end.

By my calculations, that turns out to about 5 minutes each for Intel and Paramount/iTunes, 15 minutes for AppleTV and an hour and a half for iPhone. Steve never even got to announce the new Airport Extreme with its wireless hard disk capabilities. It was all about the iPhone. And here's how the iPhone presentation broke down:

9:40 It's an iPhone. It has no keyboard, runs on "OS X", syncs to your home computer OS X data, and has the following hardware features.
9:55 Interaction demo: multi-finger gestures, iPod functionality and cover flow.
10:00 Call-making demo: Conference calls and visual voice mail.
10:15 Content demo: iPhotos and rich text e-mail; surfing with Safari and Widgets.
10:30 Content providers: Google and Yahoo executives.
10:40 Accessories and Price announcement.
10:50 Cingular partnership discussed.
10:55 Wrapping up, thanking employees, mini-Concert.

All things considered, it was an exciting and productive keynote but after twenty five minutes of introductory material, it was all iPhone all the way.