Alpine offers up KCE-300BT Bluetooth Interface Module for in-car head units

Alpine's got a fine streak going with regard to integrating consumer electronics into its snazzy head units, and now it's continuing the trend by offering up a do-it-all Bluetooth Interface Module. The KCE-300BT accessory acts as a bantam liaison between your Bluetooth-enabled handset and that brand new Ai-NET-compatible stereo, giving users the ability to hold handsfree conversations sans wires or complicated installations, and also allowing A2DP / AVRCP-compliant mobiles to stream tunes and control playback functions. Co-developed with Motorola to work specifically with Alpine's 2007 lineup of Ai-NET head units, it's possible this module would actually work with otherBT-enabledunits not manufactured by Alpine, but we're not so sure we'd press our luck. Anyways, the interface also allows users to peep caller ID information, missed / dialed calls, and on certain high-end units, you can even scroll through your address book, which we're certain is exactly what everyone around you on the freeway hopes you're eyes are glued to. Regardless, Alpine's KCE-300BT can add another dash of utility to your otherwise average in-dash media player next month for a (slightly steep) $220.

[Via BlueTomorrow]