Groove down with Steve: "No Stylus"

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Erica Sadun
January 12th, 2007
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Groove down with Steve: "No Stylus"
I know that mileage will vary among listeners, but I found this Macworld Keynote-inspired dance track hilarious. Simon Bachofen has put together a techno-inspired riff on Steve Jobs' new "Internet Communicator" aka the stylus-free iPhone. He combines keynote snippets with a driving rhythm. Workplace warning: you may find yourself tapping your foot and/or grooving down to the beat while listening. I've been dancing to this thing for the last quarter hour. It's...hypnotizing on a Hypnotoad scale of 10. You can download a copy here. It's mirrored so we don't kill the servers over at the original link.

Thanks Geezer

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