Euro Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops gets extras [update 1]

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Euro Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops gets extras [update 1]
mgsopsHow's it go? Good things come to those who wait? In April, when Konami releases the European version of Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops, the wait will be rewarded with new content. Here's a breakdown of the extras (via NeoGAF):
  • New "Boss Battle" mode allows players to unlock additional (unconfirmed) characters for recruitment
  • At least 12 new characters will reportedly be added
  • Existing characters will get expanded careers, which now focus on key attributes
  • Two new multiplayer maps will be added
It's possible that a patch could be released to update the Japanese and US versions of Portable Ops; but if not, PSP's region freedom ensures that diehards will be able to enjoy the new content no matter where their locations. Would you buy this game twice?

Update: changed "PAL" qualifiers to "European."
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